The importance of a clean Database

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A ‘clean’ database is the backbone of any telemarketing campaign and it is critical that the database is up to date and checked against the TPS and CTPS register.

I would suggest cleaning the database before the commencement of any telemarketing campaign as data will be out of date within three months of purchase. (Unless it is an exceptionally specialised database).

Cleaning the database comprises of calling each company and checking their company name, address, telephone number, decision makers name, position and wherever possible obtaining their direct email address. This will save you time and money both in the short and long term.

The database is central to the success of business to business telemarketing. Many people try to cut corners at this point.  The truth is, if you do cut corners here, it will be reflected in the result of your telemarketing and any telemarketer worth ‘their salt’ will refuse to undertake any telemarketing unless he/she has a ‘clean’ database.

Why do I need a database?

Your database is used to gather information about potential prospects and customers to generate leads and appointments. It helps build relationships and it is the cornerstone of repeat custom and growth.

The solid use of your business data and effective monitoring of your campaign, results in better accountability and an easy to define return on investment.

Tips for buying B2B Data

Ensure that the data you receive is fresh and up to date but the single most important factor is to ensure that the data is ‘sector relevant’ to your target market. I cannot stress enough the importance of this. It is critical to the success of your campaign.

Buy from a reputable provider

There are hundreds of companies offering business data. Check that they are accredited.

Ask where they get their data from

Are they obtaining their information direct from the companies themselves, or are they buying it off another firm and just re-selling it? You need to know where your business data comes from and a reputable provider will tell you.

How up to date is their data?

Outdated data will do more harm than good to your business. If you want to avoid alienating potential clients make sure that the data you purchase has been verified recently.

What information are you getting?

Ideally you will need the company name, address and telephone number for telemarketing purposes. Further information could include senior decision makers contact details, number of employees and email address.

How is the data formatted?

Good presentation is paramount here and ideally the data would be in an Excel spreadsheet for telemarketing purposes.


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