The difference between Telemarketing and Telesales

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Telemarketing is using the telephone as a marketing tool in a structured way to help you and your business get results.

Telemarketing can be defined as the systematic use of the telephone to achieve your business objectives.  This includes using the telephone for the following purposes:

  • Making appointments for your company to sell your products or services
  • Undertaking marketing surveys to research your target market
  • Generating sales leads for your company
  • Attracting attendees to a Workshop, Meeting or Seminar

Telemarketing is a niche market that is enjoying year on year growth.  Finding a great telemarketer is not easy but they usually possess the following qualities: positive, outgoing, full of energy, results driven,  tenacious,  enthusiastic,  hardworking, determined,  friendly,  great listeners,  honest,  professional and above all else they have a passion for telemarketing.


Telesales is used by call centers where professional sales personnel use the telephone to sell your product or service.

Telesales is different from outbound appointment setting and lead generation because the product or service is actually sold and paid for over the phone.  No further contact is needed, except for filling the order.

An example of this would be selling advertising, insurance or renewing subscriptions over the phone and taking payment by a credit or debit card.

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