Sales are Just a Phone Call Away

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Making sales on the telephone is not just simply about picking the phone up and having a nice friendly chat with a prospect or a customer. There is rather more to it than that.

Telemarketing is not for everyone but here are the traits to look for in a great telemarketer:

Self-motivation, drive, ambition, determination, energy, confidence, tenacity, enthusiasm and a passion for sales and success. Persistence, resilience, articulate, excellent business acumen and a friendly outgoing personality with the ability to achieve sales targets in the face of sales rejection.  An excellent telephone manner, organised, numerate and computer literate.

If you possess these qualities or have found a telemarketer that does, then sales are just a phone call away. A good starting point for your telemarketing campaign is strategy and this begins with preparation and research.

Prepare for your calls by setting aside a certain amount of time each day to make the calls and stick to your plan. Do not make excuses not to make the calls (your paper clips really do not need lining up!). Set yourself daily, weekly and monthly goals. Determine how many appointments or leads you need to generate each month to fulfil your financial objectives. For example if you are looking to generate £10,000 a month in sales and your average sale is £1,000 you need to make ten sales a month to achieve your goal.  You will need to determine how many calls it takes to make one sale and you can only find the answer to that question by making the calls. If you average one sale from 100 calls then you need to make 1000 calls per month to generate your desired income from telemarketing.

You have to remember that not every call will result in a sale or an appointment. In fact it will be only a small percentage that does.  What you have to do is approach each call with the same high degree of enthusiasm, professionalism and sincerity.

Researching your prospects is labour intensive and time consuming but great research pays dividends and you will reap the rewards. Ensure that the prospect companies have a need or a desire for your product or service.  Once you have established a need or desire you will then need to establish who it is within that company that you need to speak to.

Once you start making the calls it is essential that you keep a record of who you have called, what was said and any next steps that you need to carry out. If you do not have an organised approach, by keeping accurate records of each call as you go along, then you will end up being very confused and your telemarketing will inevitably fail.

Before even picking up the phone develop your script but do not make the mistake of reading it like a robot. I dislike the word ‘script’ and prefer the term ‘telephone brief’. Have this in front of you while making the calls and it will focus your mind.  Ensure that your telephone brief includes the following:

  • An introduction
  • A description of what you do and what your offer is
  • The benefits of using your product or service
  • Answers to common questions that the prospect may have
  • Strategies for handling every objection that you can think of
  • Different closing strategies to adapt for each call as they will nearly always be different

Remember practice makes perfect. Rehearse your pitch until you sound natural, professional, knowledgeable, credible and above all enthusiastic.


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