Let’s make an Appointment

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You have spent hours researching your prospects and building you database. You have practised your pitch and now you have finally got through to a prospect and you are having your first conversation with a decision maker.

You will never be able to make an appointment with every decision maker you speak to, you will only make appointments to a small percentage of the prospects that you speak to. Look at cold calling as a Sport, the more you practice the better you get. Be persistent and know that the more calls you make the more success you will have.

Do not be afraid of the word “No” because for every 100 calls you make you will probably hear it 90% of the time.

The simplest way to obtain an appointment is to ask for it. That sounds simple enough, but the majority of sales people do not ask for the appointment, because again, they are too afraid of either the word “No” or of rejection. Remember the prospect is not going to eat you and it is not a life or death situation. It is simply a game and it is a game of skill and numbers.

Like any game, appointment making has rules and if you practice them you will perfect them and your call ratio of calls to appointments will increase. The rules are:

  • Get the persons attention. You have to develop an opening that will lead to the response you want, so simply call your prospect and say “Good Morning Mr Jones”. Remember most people will respond positively to a positive sounding call.
  • Identify yourself and your Company. If I called you tomorrow and said “Good Morning Mr Jones, this is Mrs Fox calling from The Tallest Poppy” you would not know who I was. Therefore I would need to qualify myself further and say “Good Morning Mr Jones, this is Mrs Fox calling from The Tallest Poppy, I can generate leads and sales opportunities for your company.
  • Give the reason for your call.  At this point do not start waffling. You are calling for an appointment and that is your objective. You are not calling to send them a brochure or to tell them about your new fantastic widget. Bite the bullet and ask for what you want. I would say “The reason that that I am calling you today is to set an appointment, so that I can visit you and tell you about the ways in which I can help your company to increase sales”.
  • Make a qualifying statement. Your qualifying statement has to follow logically from the reason for your call. You want your prospect to respond favourably. You could try “I am sure that you, like a lot of other companies that I work with, are interested in increasing sales” At this point you want your prospect to say “Yes”.
  • Set the Appointment. When the prospect says “yes” set the appointment. Suggest a date and time. Be this direct and brief. Do not change the formula.


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