How to write a telemarketing script

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No matter what you are selling, getting your script/sales pitch right is absolutely critical to the success of your campaign. Do not make the mistake of thinking that you can simply read from a script; it does not work like that. You need to be able to present your pitch to the prospect in a way that sounds exciting and interesting. You need to grab their attention but not by making unrealistic claims or statements. The best way to write your pitch is to make it interactive so that you achieve a two way conversation with your prospect and you are able to hold the prospects attention.

We have all received telemarketing calls where it is obvious that the telemarketer is reading from a script. You want to avoid that scenario at all costs because you will not make any sales.

Regardless of what you are selling the pitch should always have the same key elements which are:

  1. Identify yourself and your company. This gives you credibility.
  2. State the reason for your call. This is where most people go wrong. Give the prospect a good reason or a benefit that they can expect to receive after listening to your pitch. Keep this as short as possible (two sentences is good).
  3. Ask a fact finding question to determine if the prospect has an interest in what you are offering. Remember to ask an open ended question and not a closed question that can be answered with a yes or no as that would leave you with nowhere to go if the prospect said “no”. An open question starts with who, why, when, where and what.
  4. Address any objections the prospect may have. Think of every objection the prospect could raise before making the call and have your answer ready.
  5. If your predetermined goal was to set an appointment then ask for it.

Remember to keep your pitch short and to the point as there is nothing worse than a telemarketer who drones on and on.

Always attempt to gain the prospect’s attention with a strong opening statement.

Ensure that you are speaking to the decision maker and ensure that there is a need or a desire for your product or service otherwise you are wasting your time on that prospect and you need to move on.

Use a call to action. Get the prospect to do something now rather than later. A call to action is one way of ensuring continuity of contact with the prospect. Talk about what will happen next such as a follow up call or you sending them some information.


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