How to Handle Objections

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It is highly unlikely that you will ever find a prospect that agrees with everything you say and does not raise an objection. Objections are the common denominator found in every sales call.

When a prospect says “no” their response will usually fall into one of the following four categories:

I am not interested

Send me information on email

I am too busy

No thanks, I am happy with what I have

You will find the same objections come up time and time again and you need to anticipate and handle these objections effectively. List all the objections that you can think of before you make the call and have your answers ready.

Your success on the phone is directly related to your ability to recognise and overcome objections. Objections that are ignored will not just simply go away as they will always be in the back of your prospects mind and until they are answered satisfactorily they will prevent you from making a sale or getting an appointment.

Objections are seldom questions, they are nearly always statements. Whenever the prospect makes a statement that could stand in the way of you obtaining the sale it is an objection that must be overcome. You must overcome that objection before continuing with your pitch or the rest of your pitch will be in vain.

The Golden rules for objection handling

Don’t take them personally, welcome the objection

Don’t argue or disagree with the objection

Do acknowledge the objection

You must follow the objection with an open question. An open questions starts with who, why, what, when, where, how. Do not jump in with the benefits of your product or service at this point because until you have overcome the objection you cannot move forward.

When you hear an objection respond with something like “let’s talk about that” and then proceed with open questions to get the prospect talking about their reasons for objecting.

In order to overcome an objection ask the prospect an intelligent question relating to the market they are in or what the prospect is doing/using/buying. Your objective is to get the prospect talking and your role is to listen. Examples would be:

Prospect. “I am not interested”

Telemarketer. “That’s fine, I appreciate that. Tell me Mrs Jones what system are you currently operating” or “I understand that Mrs Jones could I just ask how often do you review your service contract”.

Remember in the end that you cannot win them all and no one can overcome objections 100% of the time. Learn from your mistakes and above all enjoy the call.


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