How can Telemarketing be used

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In business there are a number of different ways to contact and sell to customers or clients:

You can send them a brochure or catalogue via post, email or even fax

You can visit them or they can visit you

You can sell your products or service via your website

You can use the telephone to call prospects, customers and clients

Telemarketing is just one of the communication tools used to promote a company’s services or products and it can be used in conjunction with many other forms of marketing such as advertising, direct marketing, exhibitions, seminars, conferences and hospitality.

Most businesses will use a mixture of the above communication tools to target their prospects and to keep existing customers informed of their products and services.

Lead generation

This could be following up a lead from an exhibition or seminar where a number of names have been collected. Telemarketing can follow these leads up, qualify them and arrange an appointment.

Market Research

The telephone is a valuable tool when it comes to market research. Telemarketing will enable you to gather information about customers/prospects, their needs and your marketplace. This information can then be inputted into your CRM/database for further targeted marketing activities either through direct mail or future telemarketing.

Customer Account Management

Telemarketing can be used to re-activate dormant customer accounts and qualify new prospects. Keeping in regular contact with your customers is a great way to help build customer loyalty and it also enables you to resolve queries and complaints. Account management gives you an opportunity to sell additional products or services and to ensure that your customer is happy.

Appointment making

Find, qualify and sell to new customers from cold calling. This can be done by taking a list of carefully selected prospects who are not currently your customers and calling them one by one to offer your products or services.

Telemarketing can enhance your existing sales and marketing activities or it can be used as a ‘stand-alone’ strategy to increase your sales and help you to streamline your existing sales efforts.

No matter what type of business you are in the telephone is a low cost and very effective tool for finding new customers and generating new business. Practically every company in every sector could benefit from contracting a highly skilled telemarketer whether it’s to respond to incoming calls, provide telephone based customer support or to make outgoing cold calls to generate sales.


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