50 FREE Telemarketing Tips and Tricks

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  1. You have two ears and one mouth. Learn to shut up and really listen to the prospect
  2. The all-time biggest blunder that cold callers use is “Hi how are you today?”  You probably really don’t care how they are and you will sound insincere
  3. Everyone in sales knows the trick of a sale is to find a need and then fill it with a benefit. WRONG! The trick is to find a perceived need and then fill it
  4. 38% of the impact we make on others is based on what they hear
  5. Don’t be afraid of the word “NO”.  For every 10 calls you make you will probably hear “NO” 9 times
  6. No objection has any meaning other than the meaning which you give it.
  7. No-one has the power to make you feel bad unless you let them!!!
  8. The two magic words which turn a feature into a benefit are “which means”
  9. Know your competition.  Call them and see how they handle calls
  10. Believe in Yourself, and believe in what you are selling
  11. Don’t hesitate on the phone, he/she who hesitates is lost
  12. Always be confident and in control of the call
  13. Always be 100% responsible for the outcome of every client interaction.
  14. Practice makes perfect. Practice your calls and time them.  Remember do not waffle!
  15. Write down all the objections your prospect could say and have an answer for each one
  16. Enthusiasm is infectious; inject it in your voice
  17. Talking too fast is a common mistake in telemarketing; practice your tone, pitch and pace
  18. Build rapport by matching the speed which a prospect speaks
  19. Smile and dial. Smiling lifts your Voice
  20. Your desk should be clear of all clutter to avoid distractions
  21. Your posture should be alert and not slouched over your desk!
  22. Try not to sound too nice as you will lose credibility
  23. Open questions start with who, why, what, when, where, which and using these words will enable you to understand exactly what the prospect wants
  24. Have a list of your features and benefits in front of you before making the call
  25. Always remain calm in the face of client objections.
  26. Dealing with objections is simply part of selling.
  27. Always have a reason for you call and state it
  28. Mirror successful salespeople and study books on the subject
  29. Constantly revise and improve your objection handling technique.
  30. Be yourself on the telephone.  Do not try to be someone that you are not
  31. Be persistent. Set yourself a target to make a certain number of calls and do it
  32. Enjoy the call
  33. People buy from people they like
  34. Never read from a script
  35. Use directed words for example when you speak to the receptionist say: “Bridgett Jones please” and NOT “may I speak to Bridgett Jones”, The first conveys authority, the second merely asks for permission
  36. Always keep notes of what was said in the call
  37. Use self-disclosure to build rapport. This means giving of yourself and builds empathy. Try saying “I know what you mean”, “I felt the same way too in that situation”
  38. End the call with a positive. DO NOT say thank you for your valuable time; this is self-demeaning
  39. Your customers and clients are someone else’s prospects so don’t take them for granted
  40. Make friends with the gate keepers (receptionist/secretary/dragon)
  41. Never lie on the phone, you will always get found out
  42. Always ensure that your database of prospects is as up to date as possible and relative to the product or service that you are offering
  43. Don’t waste your time and energy on prospects who are not decision makers
  44. Create a comfortable and professional environment to do your calling
  45. Successful people consciously choose a positive attitude
  46. Be careful to use humour appropriately on the phone
  47. Avoid using the word “I”.  Talk with prospects from their point of view
  48. When qualifying a prospect assume someone else is involved in the decision making process and find out who it is
  49. Share your confidence with the prospect. Don’t be weak and meek
  50. When you know the prospects name, use it. It is a fact that everyone loves the sound of their own name


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